Watch the Breathtaking Sunset from These Four Shores


Bora Bora

Location: French Polynesia

Watch the bright sun go down from one of the most renowned beach hotels in the world! This premier destination is loved by honeymooners and other visitors who just want a romantic setting. Relax and breathe in fresh air as the sunset over Mount Otemanu leaves you in awe! Bora Bora also features a private plunge pool all to make you feel adored.


Point Dume State Beach

Location: Malibu

With the exceptional views it offers, the Point Dume State Beach has been considered one of the best places to watch the setting of the sun from. You can even get the chance to watch dolphins play in warm waters! The transformation of the sky from the color blue to red is such a fantastic sight to behold. You’ll also appreciate the unique rock formations placed in front of the shining, setting sun, making your experience dramatically unforgettable.

Shi Shi Beach

Location: Washington


Journey to this beach through the forest filled with fir trees to the cliff which drops into the Pacific Ocean. To get to the Shi Shi Beach, you’ll have to trek down the rocky track to the pristine shore that highlights driftwood stands and tide pools. After setting a camp on the coast, you can observe the sunset behind the dazzling sea stacks and rock formations.

Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area

Location: Hawaii

Definitely not the least, this beach in Hawaii offers the ideal spot to gaze at the setting sun. In this beach, you’ll be able to see the sun descend into the vast ocean against dark, volcanic rocks. During the day you can submerge yourself in the beautiful and clear turquoise waters of the Hapuna Beach and wait for the sun to set while having a picnic by the seashore. Let the sun’s glorious rays amaze you as they change the color of the sky and water from blue to orange and pink.

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