4 Hidden Beautiful Beaches in America

Sandbridge beach

A handyman looks for the best tools and reads reviews like the ones in http://healthyhandyman.com/best-oscillating-tool-guide/ before he makes a purchase. Just like a handyman, it’s best to go and search for the destinations you want to visit before planning to book a flight.

However, if you’re not from America, chances are you’ll only go to the popular places without minding the other unrecognized ones. So, to give you a fresh experience (because trust me, you need one), here are the most magnificent beaches in the US that aren’t famous, but are worth spending time in.

Dry Tortugas


Location: Florida

Access: Via plane or boat

Another relaxing beach? Why not! The Dry Tortugas is your sweet escape from the city’s hubbub. Situated 70 miles off Key West’s shores, the park features seven small islands and a scattered coral reef. The offshore coral heads are ideal for people who want to have some diving and snorkeling experience.

Prepare to be blown away by the vibrant reefs which house swaying sea fans, brain coral, and tropical fish.

Sandbridge Beach

Sandbridge beach

Location: Virginia

Access: Via boat

Running 4.5 miles, this beach is the small neighbor of the famous Virginia Beach. Sandbridge highlights its flawless dunes, open waters, and marshes. To the east, you’ll find the Atlantic Ocean. Located at its west is the Back Bay of the Currituck Sound. To the south, you’ll find the False Cape State Park and Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Ready to be speechless again? Vacation in the Sandbridge Beach!

Second Beach

second beach washington

Location: Washington

Access: Via the hiking trail

Let its bright green headlands and impressive banks take you into another world! The Second Beach is one of the three Olympic Coast gems and has been one of the underrated beaches in America for quite some time now. Visitors should hike to get here, but the trek won’t be a waste at all. If you want to listen to the waves brushing against the shores, take a look at the offshore sea stacks, and walk in wonder under spruce trees, visit this glorious attraction.

Cumberland Island

Location: Georgia

Access: Via ferry

The pristine dunes, forests, and marshes in this 18-mile long beach will leave you lost for words. Because time nor civilization hasn’t spoiled most parts of the island, this beach is the perfect getaway if you want some peace and quiet. Visitors usually watch while horses stroll across the beaches and beachgoers love ambling under thick canopies of breathtaking live oaks. If you’re looking for a beach that will indeed give you some time to relax and bond with your family, this is that beach.

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