Things to Do on a Cruise When You’re Not in Port


Cruise ships are veritable entertainment hubs. There is no shortage of attractions and activities to keep yourself occupied in between port days. But for people whose main goal is to frolic in as many Caribbean beaches at one go, sea days can be long and boring. Here are some of the many ways you can avoid boredom while waiting for your next port of call.

Know what to expect

Learn more about what you can expect onboard. Look up other activities like lectures, classes, and shows that are not included in what you have already paid for. This should give you an idea of what you can do if you want to try something new. Checking out what is in store for you allows you plan and prepare whatever payment you have to make for enrichment classes or other activities.

Prepare for Plan B


Prepare a back-up plan in case you want to take a break from the whirlwind of onboard activities. Pack a book you have been planning to read for some time. Or bring an ebook reader with you. Alternatively, you can visit the cruise ship’s library if you want to spend time reading. Think about how you would want to cope if boredom strikes. You should have an idea of what to take with you on your cruise to keep you occupied during downtime.

Expand your culinary choices

Expand your culinary experience onboard. Go for variety each day. This should give you something to look forward to on sea days. You do not even have to spend more on alternative dining or specialty coffees or desserts. The menu selections at the buffet and main dining room should be a good start. Many cruise ships likewise offer free treats like ice cream, milkshakes, sandwiches, and pizzas among others. Check what is available on your ship and give them a try.

Keep tabs on the entertainment scene


Scan the daily newsletters to see what is on the entertainment front. Watch performances at the main theater. Check if there are any shows at the lounge or other venues. Find a good spot for movie viewing on deck. Pay a visit to the casino. You do not have to stay long and spend money gambling. Just check the amenities and experience the vibe before moving on.

Enjoy some quiet time

boat-ocean-railingThings can be quite busy while the ship’s at sea. It is the cruise line’s duty to ensure that people do not get bored. So expect a barrage of activities and programs designed to keep things fun onboard. You do not have to wait for port days to soak in some peace and quiet. Sea days are a good time as any to escape from the constant buzz of activities. You can find a quiet corner in the ship or stay in your room and engage in a relaxing activity.

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